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It’s a conspiracy!

In a conversation with someone new, I’m often aware of an invisible barrier that arises between the speaker and me when I hear the word conspiracy. A friend from the Internet Writing Workshop captures my feelings when he says, “Conspiracy … Continue reading

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Help Wanted: A Robin Hood for Today

BufferRecently, I ripped through three seasons of BBC’s Robin Hood. The fabulous thing about Netflicks: Watch Instantly is that you can see one after another, all free from commercial interruption, until you can’t sit still for another minute. I’ve always … Continue reading

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Got Testosterone?

BufferMy brother David likes to say that testosterone is the great gulch that keeps males and females on opposite sides of myriad issues. If fact, he can find a way to explain any difference of opinion we might have in … Continue reading

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Good Job Mom

My dear friend realized a lifelong dream when she married a lovely guy about six years ago, and became a step-mother to his son and daughter. They were eight and seven at the time. Two little precocious, blond-haired, blue-eyed cherubs. … Continue reading

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Every nitwit for herself: driving to the city

To get to San Jose, the capital, from Pursical, we have to drive through the mountains for almost an hour, depending on the traffic. Around each curve, the vistas of the Central Valley will take your breath away, if you’re … Continue reading

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