Welcome to scribblegal. In these pages, I hope to write about what rivets, motivates, annoys, horrifies or thrills me. Perhaps something in the here and now, like life in the Central Valley of Costa Rica; special meals I cook; what’s happening in the garden, with my grandchildren, or the planet. Perhaps I’ll look back to my days in Philadelphia, where I grew up, or the places in the world I’ve traveled to or lived in.

I retired from teaching in June of 2009. I like to think I retired at the top of my game- not in the sense that I couldn’t have become a better teacher- each new challenge made me better–and there were always challenges. My last three years of teaching were the most exhilarating of all. I couldn’t have loved it more. But I get a little queasy when I think of the future of education in America. All the signs indicate that massive and terrible changes are inevitable. I wanted to end on a high note.

My husband, Jack, and I made the leap of moving to another, albeit third world country. So far, so good.

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  1. Sherrie says:

    Hello from the USA ~

    I just happened to stumble upon your blog and wondered what the healthcare system is like over there in Costa Rica. Also, do you have any great references for Realtors and properties over there ? So many are so sick and tired of what is happening here in the States now and your home looks like paradise for people retiring in the next few years. What is it like there as far as resources, electricity, internet access, road conditions, weather conditions, etc. I have never been there but after viewing it on TV, it looks wonderful. I would be so happy to get an e-mail from you. Please don’t use my real name or location if this is posted. Thank you kindly.

    • Myra says:

      Hi Sherrie. The healthcare system is good, but not perfect. For minor problems and illnesses, it works well. But there is a long wait for major illnesses, and you will need to use private options if that happens. Nonetheless, the costs are still very much lower than in the US. Actually, I moved back to the US a year ago, when my husband died in Costa Rica. What it is like depends on where you live. Let me suggest a tour- or go and spend a while in different places. The mountains, where I live, is very different than living on the coast.

  2. Greg Simonds says:

    Hi Myra,

    You have a great site for potential expats to get a good feel for living in Costa Rica. Your descriptions of daily life there are fun and very informative.

    I’m putting together a book about US expats living in Costa Rica and would like to know if I might use just one or two of your posts in the book. I would give you full attribution of course, as well as a link back to http://www.scribblegal.com.
    The working title of the book is “The Official Guide to Expat Living (The Invaluable Collective Experience of American Expats Living Abroad)”.

    The book will feature first-hand accounts of people such as yourselves who have made the move and who have valuable information to share with others who may be contemplating the same. It will be a compilation of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly so that potential expats get a realistic look at what they are up against when moving to Costa Rica (or elsewhere). Directed primarily at Boomers, it will also feature sections on “What’s it Really Like in Costa Rica?”, Expat Families, Finding the Right Spot, etc.

    I can’t afford to pay actual cash for the use of your content, but will add a couple lines in the “About the Author” bio at the end of each post I use. I would only use one or two of your posts if permission was granted. You can write the “About” and it will have a link back to your site. Also, I would strip any affiliate links that might be in the post(s).

    I will publish it for the Amazon Kindle marketplace and will be including several accounts of expats such as yourself who are actually “living the dream” and providing useful information to other expats.

    Please let me know if you have any interest.

    Thanks very much,
    Greg Simonds

    • Myra says:

      Hi Greg,

      I’m abashed to tell you I’ve failed to check my site in a while. I’m happy, if you’re still interested, to allow your use of one or two blogs.

  3. Louise W. says:


    I just found your blog exploring information about Costa Rica. I am also from Philly (born and raised) and my husband and I are contemplating travel to Costa Rica in 2014 for about a month. (nothing confirmed yet)…I will explain this another time.

    I wanted to ask you about your experiences with the locals since moving to CR. I noticed in one of your comments that you mentioned having dinner with 40+ Expats, and I was wondering, have you engaged in any social activities with locals (natives of CR) and if so how has that experience been for you and your husband?

    • Myra says:

      Hi Louise,

      Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m a little chagrined to admit that my social life doesn’t include much exchange with Ticos. We’re very rural, and don’t have many neighbors, but I try to talk to the ones I see on my morning walk. I might mingle more if my Spanish were better. By the way, if you have any other questions, please ask.

  4. Peter says:

    Happy Thanksgiving – What are you doing for dinner??

  5. happiest woman in costa rica says:

    i am really enjoying your blogs

  6. Myra says:

    You’re a peach, Marjorie.

  7. marjorie says:

    loved loved loved all your stories.!! Keep them coming scribblegal!

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