No teacher left standing

Romney thinks he knows how to help poor kids get educated: wreck public education. A Chance for Every Child sounds a lot like No Child Left Behind. We teachers understood the message when Bush rolled out his big, useless plan: No child left behind, no teacher left standing.

If Romney fixes public schools the way his company, Bain Capital, fixes businesses, we’re screwed. He wants to dismantle the Department of Education, for starters. Why not? The department hasn’t accomplished anything measurable (increased test scores). And why throw money at the problem?  We could use that money to arm more police.

Worse than the Department of Education, according to Romney, is the insidious teacher’s union. They’re evil, you know. Why else would they want to be compensated for their hard work and dedication?

What Romney wants to do, he says, is allow poor and disabled children to attend the school of their choice. Sounds great, right? Yeah, any student not being served by the local school can attend the private or charter school of her choice by taking the incredibly generous voucher, good for ten percent of the tuition price. As if.

In my crystal ball, I see a future devoid of public education. Think we have inequality now?

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  1. Tayten says:

    AFAICT you’ve coreved all the bases with this answer!

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