Don’t Hurt Me!

“Republicans are talking about class warfare,” said Jack, yesterday.

“They’re right,” I said. “Isn’t it obvious?  The middle class has been under attack since Reagan.”

“No,” he said. “The Republicans think the middle class is attacking the wealthy.”

In my mind, an image formulates: I see a man, standing with one foot on the neck of another man. The man on the ground can’t speak, but the one with his foot on the other guy’s neck says, “Don’t hurt me!”

Clearly,  the ideologues who push this idea of a powerful force out to get them are the guys with their feet on our necks. We vote, but our votes are meaningless, since our representatives have sold us out. They usurp our power, destroy our protections, take our money, and give it to what they call job creators. Get real. If they’re creating jobs, why aren’t people working? Or maybe they mean the jobs they’ve created overseas, or the low-paying, no benefits jobs at big-box retail outlets.

I wonder how many times they’ll repeat this egregious lie, and how long it will take for people to start believing them. No, wait— some people, about twenty-seven and a half percent of the 18,000 who have taken an NBC poll so far believe it.

Who are these people, I wonder. Clearly they can’t all be millionaires. And why are they so afraid to have millionaires taxed at the same rate as the rest of us?

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